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Many organizations are combining Tableau and OBIEE to create a Governed Self-Service BI environment for their business users.  Business users in such organizations can access OBIEE data just like accessing CSV or SQL database using Tableau and BI Connector.  But users need to recognize that OBIEE, its data model, and volume of data is quite unlike department data in data mart or CSV file. 


Too often, mistakes are made when creating reports and extracting OBIEE data resulting in hours of lost time and inefficiency.  So, how can you create Tableau dashboards for OBIEE data that provide you valuable insight from business critical data without wasting a ton of time?  


In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The step-by-step approach to building complex reports from OBIEE data using Tableau
  • Common mistakes to watch out for when creating reports in Tableau from OBIEE subject areas
  • Tableau features that shorten the time to create reports for OBIEE data
  • How to extract OBIEE data without slowing down your OBIEE environment